Youth Capacity Building

The PICHNET program is geared towards the world. In an original program lasting 2 months (from October 07 to December 08, 2019), we welcomed a young German student to our premises who wanted to learn African culture and, in this case, Cameroonian. Leon had the opportunity to participate in our various activities and took particular advantage of our IT, communication, statistics and personal development plan modules. This last module, according to him, would have enabled him to know with precision which orientation he would take in his university course: cooperation for development.

These young people are given the opportunity to express themselves through our multiple media contacts. This meeting was planned for young trainees who were to go to the VOX AFRICA stage to talk about PICHNET, their experience and what they learned from the internship carried out in the summer of 2019.
It was also an opportunity for them to practice oral expression in order to capitalize on the assiduously integrated communication course.

Beyond the so-called formal training, many other lessons are brought to them in order to strengthen their social character, to bring them closer to their community. They had the opportunity to learn first aid, to learn how to maintain vehicles, certain craft skills to name a few.
Besides this, these young people were confronted with social reality by visiting medical units, disadvantaged people, meeting professionals sharing their life experience.